ANNOUNCING CASELOGGER™: Software for County Attorneys and District Attorneys

Legal Case Management Software ("CMS") for County Attorney Offices and District Attorney Offices that is Affordable, Easy-To-Use and Customizable. It was developed by request for small to medium-sized county attorney offices who are cost conscious and want a simple to learn system.

Since 1993, Williamson Enterprises, Inc. has been designing and developing custom software solutions for clients who want to organize, simplify and streamline their businesses. We recently heard from an attorney in a Montana mid-sized county who was looking for an economical, simplified database solution to track their case histories.  After attending a conference for Montana county attorneys, we heard many similar requests. Specifically, we heard that the products currently available are over-complicated and above budgetary constraints.

You spoke, we listened!

CASELOGGER™ legal case records management database is comprised of three major components: People Tracker, Case Tracker, and Event Reminders.

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