A Legal Case Management Software Solution for under $3,000.

No monthly, quarterly or yearly payment plans required. No lease to sign, You buy it, you own it. And since you will be running CASELOGGER™ on your office computer and/or network, there will not be any associated transaction-based costs either. You do not need a speedy internet connection to use CASELOGGER™. In fact, you do not need an internet connection whatsoever to use our software.

Our Price Includes

  • A desktop Windows solution that can be used by a single user or in a network environment
  • Mac-compatible (with use of Parallels Desktop)
  • A multi-use license for up to 4 users
  • Unlimited custom support (by phone/email) for 6 months
  • User documentation and installation instructions
  • 4 hours of on-site training (or a 60 minute walk-through to get you started). Training must occur within 4 months of the purchase date
  • Discrepancy fixes and minor enhancements

Our Price Does Not Include

  • Additional licensing for 5 or more users
  • On-Site Training greater than 4 hours
  • Mileage To/From the training site (or airfare)
  • Travel Expenses if training requires overnight lodging
  • A User Security Module allowing a layer of authentication
  • Additional Module, Major Enhancements, Customization
  • Annual Support and Renewal Agreement

Support Agreement

A 15% charge (based upon your quoted price) will be assessed AFTER 6 months of use and again, every 12 months thereafter. Support includes the continued ability to contact us with any questions or problems.  You are also eligible to receive bug fixes and upgrades as we continue to improve our software.

Installation Note:

CASELOGGER is written in 32-bit Microsoft Access and is compatible in a Microsoft Window environment (either 32-bit or 64-bit).  But CASELOGGER is NOT compatible with a 64-bit version of Microsoft Office (any component such as Word, Excel, etc.). You must uninstall the 64-bit version(s) and install the 32-bit version(s) - located on the same Microsoft Office installation DVD.