affordable legal case management software for county attorney officesCASELOGGER™

Affordable, Easy-To-Use and Customizable Legal Case Management Software for county attorney offices and district attorney offices

CASELOGGER™ Legal Case Management reports are designed so that you can either preview or print the content. 


Reports are filtered to allow you to ask for a subset of your data.

  • CASE SUMMARY: A one page recap of all case details entered
  • CASE PEOPLE LOG: Select a person from the database and a date range and see all cases that the person has participated in
  • CASE EVENT LOG: Select an event and a date range and see all occurrences of the particular event (i.e. show all judgements for a calendar year)
  • CASE PEOPLE TYPE LOG: Select a person type (i.e., Witness, Victim, etc.) and a date range to see a list of all people who has participated in a case in that role 
  • CASE PREFIX LOG: Select a case prefix (i.e. TK, DC, etc.) and a date range for an easy-to-read case listing

We will continue to design reports and lists based upon the needs of our clients.


Lists are queries that show you all records satisfying certain criteria. They can be exported to Excel and used as a source of data for a mail merge routine.


  • Case/Cause Number
  • Primary Charge
  • Defendant
  • Open Date
  • Close Date


  • Active People
  • Inactive People
  • People Types (defendant, attorney, sheriff, judge, etc.)
  • All People