The Case for CASELOGGER™:

CASELOGGER™ is Legal Case Management Software that is Affordable, Easy-To-Use and Customizable. It was developed by request for small to medium-sized county attorney offices who are cost conscious and want a simple to learn system.

There are three main components of CASELOGGER™:

People Tracker

  • Record the name of anyone involved in a case (i.e. defendant, attorney, sheriff, judge, etc.)
  • Record name and address, physical characteristics
  • Assign one or more Person Types (i.e. witness, victim, probation officer, etc.)
  • Attach a photograph to each person for quick recall
  • Query your people by active/inactive indicator or by person type
  • Export your people to your Microsoft 2010 Outlook contacts

Case Tracker

  • Record defendant, case/cause#, primary charge, case description and open/close dates
  • Enter all personnel that are involved with the case
  • Use the document manager to attach all documents associated with the case (i.e. pleadings, evidence, etc.)
  • Query your cases based on open date, close date, primary charge, defendant, case number
  • Case Summary report showing all data related to one case

Event Reminders

  • Enter pertinent notes related to people and/or cases
  • Assign tasks to yourself or others and be reminded on the appropriate date
  • When the application opens up, immediately see all of your "to dos" for the current day
  • Using the event filtering mechanism, view all upcoming events and check any past reminders that have not been completed
  • Export your reminders to your Microsoft Outlook 2010 calendar (follow-up dates, arraignment dates, start and end times, events, notes, case descriptions, Outlook category colors...)

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