CASELOGGER™ is Legal Case Management Software that is Affordable, Easy-To-Use and Customizable. It was developed by request for small to medium-sized county attorney offices who are cost conscious.

CASELOGGER™ will export the following to Microsoft Outlook (2010):

Export your people to Outlook

The following people information will be exported to Microsoft Outlook:

  • First Name to First Name (in Outlook).  Last Name to Last Name.
  • Address 1 to Home or Work Address Street line 1.
  • Address 2 to Home or Work Address Street line 2.
  • City to Home or Work Address City.
  • Postal Code to Home or Work Address Postal Code.
  • Home Phone to Home Telephone Number.  Mobile to Mobile.  Work Phone to Business Telephone Number.
  • Email Address 1 to Email Address 1.  Email Address 2 to Email Address 2.
  • Website to Web Page.
  • Photo to Picture.
  • All Person Types to Job Title.

Outlook will display the record after pressing the Export button on the form.  It first checks for a duplicate first and last name in Outlook and asks the user whether to update the record.  If so, information is replaced in Outlook.

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Export your event follow Ups to Outlook:

The following event information will be exported to Microsoft Outlook:

  • The Start Date, Start Time, and End Time will be populated with the Follow Up Date, Start Time and End Time.  However, if the Start Time and End Time are blank, the appointment in Outlook will be marked as an “All Day Event”.
  • The Subject will be the Person’s name plus the Case Number, and Correspondence/Event Type.
  • The Notes field will go to the Body field in Outlook.
  • Reminder Minutes will be set to zero, unless a Reminder Time has been set up in the “Outlook Reminder Time” column in the Event Type form. Reminder Time will be marked as “True”.
  • Any selected Category Colors will be marked in the Outlook Calendar.
  • The Outlook Calendar Appointment will be marked as “Busy”